Darwin is the economic and industrial hub of the Northern Territory and is approximately 4,000 kilometres north of our Henderson headquarters.

The facility provides a 38,000m2 operational support base and offsite storage capacity that allows us to service the oil and gas, defence and resources industries, as well as private and government funded infrastructure projects throughout the region.

The facility has 36,000m2 of external hardstand lay down area and more than 30 sets of racks (mobile and permanently fixed). The yard is fully floodlit to allow 24-hour operations. The perimeter is 100% fenced for high security. Within the yard is a fully-equipped and bunded dangerous goods area approved by the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) . The yard is cyclone coded and fully drained to ensure little or no delays in the event of adverse weather.

Our Darwin Offshore Logistics Base facility has 2,500m2 of fully cyclone-coded undercover storage space including over 1,000 1.5m × 1.5m × 1.5m pallet bays. All item bays are individually labelled for easy reference into our inventory system. We can also provide within the warehouse 800m2 of undercover lay down floor space.

Darwin Base Waste also operates from the facility offering industrial bins and waste services, as well as dangerous goods’ storage and disposal.

At a Glance


operational support base



external hardstand lay down



undercover storage



north of our Henderson facility




20140513 Darwin Precast Yard